Our Great Globe

Welcome to the home of the inspiring new game Our Great Globe.  Once in a generation a revolutionary new game comes along to redefine its genre.  Our Great Globe achieves this by combining real world content with all the things that you want your kids to know, or you should know, about the world and how it works.

Game play is simultaneous (so no more waiting for your turn), there are no dice or spinners (you make your own luck just like in the real world), and your level of success is not just affected by what you know but very much determined by your relationships with your fellow players and your ability to influence them.

So give it a try, test how worldly you really are, share your knowledge, build relationships and develop communication and interpersonal skills.  Make the commitment to play Our Great Globe and see if you too will go for greatness.

Only available online.  Free Australia Post registered express delivery to anywhere in Australia.

Below are some feedback comments from people who have played Our Great Globe:

"Best new board game to come along in 25 years"
"Thanks for this game. It helps give me time to interact with my kids again rather than looking at the back of their heads while they play computer games"
"Fantastic game, thanks"
"I now look at the world through different eyes"
"Greatest dinner party game"
"Love the photos and easy to read text"
"With the simple rules we were setup and going in 10 minutes, thanks"
"I would have loved to be Alexander the Great in real life"
"A great way to have some fun and be entertained"

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including registered express delivery to anywhere in Australia.

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